About Me

Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us. (Sir Thomas Brown)

Photographer / Designer

Kristi Kuusmik-Orav

Born on summer of 1975

Mom – 50 years of teaching others and keeping our family going.
Dad – a politician and singer, best dad ever.
Brother – so much smarter than me! If I ever grow up, I would like to be as smart as he!
Husband – a keeper, my biggest supporter and fan.
My children – they mean a whole world to me. Teach me every day – patience, love, understanding, etc. Also new things about bugs, dinosaurs  and friendship 😀
I love: my life, FAMILY, FRIENDS, yellow color, sunshine, sea, spring and summer, good food, traveling, stars in the sky and many, many other wonderful things our world has to offer.
No-no’s : rudeness, selfishness, meanness, darkness, violence.